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About the Company

Elaina Joi Skincare in Baltimore, Maryland provides skin care services to clients with skin issues, including but not limited to acne, hyperpigmentation, sensitivity, and all Fitzpatrick skin types. Advanced knowledge of chemical exfoliation, vast knowledge of hormonal dysfunction and how it relates to acne and the aging process, in addition to client evaluation, assessment and documentation are part of Elaina Joi’s repertoire.

The company’s clientele includes health care professionals, educators, retired professionals, entrepreneurs, and teenagers. Elaina Joi has a small yet quaint office that is esthetically pleasing and serene. It is located at a colorful, historic location in Mt. Washington Village.

The amiable founder believes that a partnership with her clientele, commitment to her practice, and consistency in her services are paramount in helping her client achieve a healthier skin. Elaina Joi Skincare looks forward to helping those who desire a healthy complexion and overall well-being.

Mission Statement

The clinic aims to provide the best and most thorough skin care possible. More than beauty, proper skin care is about wellness.

Meet the Founder

Elaina Joi graduated more than 20 years ago from Von Lee International School of Aesthetics, the first school of aesthetics in the United States. She has had the privilege of studying under its founder, the renowned Carole L. Walderman, CIDESCO, who was instrumental in bringing the study and love of skin care to the United States.

Under the tutelage of Miss Walderman, Elaina Joi received exceptional hands-on training in the field of esthetics. Adding to her integrity is her Masters’ Degree in Social Work from the University of Maryland School of Social Work. She has worked in a variety of settings and organizations, including private practice as a psychotherapist.

However, Elaina Joi’s passion is skin care; specifically, she loves improving and maintaining the health of the complexion. As a teenager and adult, Elaina Joi has undergone social and emotional suffering from acne, stubborn hyperpigmentation, as well as dehydrated and stressed skin. She feels that she has found a consistent and proven regimen for achieving a healthy complexion. 

Elaina Joi specializes in teaching skin care and makeup techniques. A certified esthetic clinician under the Rayner Institute of Dermatologic Skin Care, she has extensive training, which includes:

  • Introduction to Medical Esthetics (Institute of Advanced Medical Esthetics)
  • Skin of Color Education Seminar Series (New York)
  • Acne Certification Training (Atlanta, Georgia)

Demonstrating a Comprehensive Understanding of Skin Care

Elaina Joi has trained in several skin care modalities and continues to further her education on the matter. This way, she continuously gains expertise in the latest skin care innovations.

Her background in cognitive-behavioral therapy improved her understanding of emotional and psychosocial stressors, which can wreak havoc on certain skin issues such as acne, premature aging, and other skin care concerns. To combat the negative influence emotional stressors have on health and complexion, Elaina Joi employs a holistic approach that includes diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle.

For her, skin care goes beyond the products people put on their skin. It also entails mindfulness and relaxation, which improve the emotional well-being, physical health, and by extension, the complexion. Elaina Joi relays all these information to her clients.

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